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5 Games Your Computer Probably Can’t Run

gamerIf you are an avid video game player on PC, you know that unless you keep up with the latest hardware, some games are going to be out of your league. That’s okay, the library for PC games is vaster than any console you can name, but it may still frustrate you to know you can’t play the latest and greatest.

Here are five games that Jaydien Network Solutions thinks will give your PC a workout:

Crysis 3

The Crysis games have long been notorious for pushing the bounds of what is required from PC gamers, and Crysis 3 is no exception. It’s been out for several years and remains a beast of a game that can bring all but the most powerful of computers to their knees. Many systems may seem to meet the system requirements, but the minimum specs and what it takes to run the game well are clearly two different things.

Grand Theft Auto V

This massive open world game is not only one of the most popular games in the world, it’s also a beast that will challenge your computer’s abilities, especially if you mod it with the many graphics mods available out there. Amazingly, Rockstar managed to make the game perform better than Grand Theft Auto IV despite the game being newer and more technically advanced. Despite this, you’ll still need a fairly potent computer managed by your Computer Technician in Ocean County to run it well.

Far Cry 4

An open world shooter set on a lush tropical island, this game has some of the most gorgeous graphics you’ll find on PC – but you’ll have to have a beefy system to take full advantage of them. This game requires a cutting edge graphics card and a good processor to ensure you get the most out of the fantastic visuals it has to offer.

Battlefield 4

The popular Battlefield series offers huge, sprawling battles with tons of people at once. Combine that with great modern graphics that really get across the carnage and chaos of a battlefield, and you have recipe for a game that will challenge your system and push it to the max. Better be sure you have the latest hardware. Have a good sound card, too, because being able to talk to your teammates while hearing the complex surround sound is both crucial to winning and to immersing you in the game.

This game of the year contender for 2015 is not only packed full of quests, monsters, and intense combat, it also has one of the most beautiful worlds you’ll ever traverse in a video game. Teaming valleys, tall mountains, lush forests, and much more make this a truly beautiful game – and that means you’ll need a truly modern system to ensure it looks its best. If it’s not running well, consult with you Ocean County computer technician for advice.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know Could Help You Avoid A Computer Virus

computer-service-brick-njIf you have a computer, chances are good that at some point you’ve worried about getting a computer virus or “malware,” a type of unwanted software that is very hard to remove and usually necessitates a visit to a Computer service in Brick, NJ. You have already heard the advice about getting good antivirus software on your system to keep you better protected. That’s a good place to start, but to really lock your system down you’ll want to consider these 10 tips, too:

  1. Disable Autorun

Many computers have a feature enabled call “autorun.” This is a feature that causes things like discs and DVDs and programs to automatically run when inserted into the computer. Nefarious software can exploit this feature to automatically install itself on your system. Avoid this by disabling the feature.

  1. Keep Your System Software Up To Date

When your Windows system wants to update itself, it’s often for good reason. People who create computer viruses exploit loopholes in your system software in order to infect your system. Often, those system updates are intended to close those loopholes – so update your system!

  1. Keep Your Applications Updated

The same holds true for your applications like Adobe Reader, Flash, and others. Keeping them up to date helps limit your exposure to software you don’t want on your system, i.e. viruses and malware.

  1. Disable Image Previews In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook, the popular email application, can automatically show or preview images in your email. However, some savvy virus creators have managed to exploit that feature, and even to infect certain types of image files. Disable this feature to avoid problems.

  1. Avoid Clicking Email Links or Attachments

One of the most common ways malware is spread is through email, often through links you shouldn’t click and attachments you shouldn’t open. If you don’t know whether or not a link is trusted, DON’T CLICK IT. The same holds true for attachments.

  1. Stay On Legitimate, Trusted Websites

Websites are a common source of computer malware, either through the ads on that site or through the site itself. Once infected, this malware can cause you big problems. Avoid this by steering clear of websites you don’t know or trust.

  1. Use AdBlock Software

Many sites don’t like you to use ad blocking software, since they need ads for their income, but unfortunately ads are also a common source of malware. Using ad blocking software can go a long way towards keeping your system more secure.

  1. Use A Firewall

A firewall is a piece of software that sits between you and the Internet, ensuring only things you want to get in gets in and only what you want to go out gets out. Having a firewall properly set up is a key piece of good home PC security. If you don’t know how to set one up, a computer service in Brick, NJ can help.

  1. Only Open Attachments You’re Expecting

A good rule to adopt: if you are not expecting an attachment, don’t open it. Period. End of story.

  1. Install A Pop-up Blocker or Use Your Browser’s Pop-up Blocker

Pop-ups are more than annoying, they can also be a source of unwanted malware and adware. Use a pop-up blocker, either external or built into your browser, to suppress those annoying pop ups and keep malware to a minimum.

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