4 Boat Problems That Can Ruin Your Day

There are few luxuries in life more enjoyable than owning a boat. The open air, the lapping waves, the sense of freedom when pushing across the bay or ocean, these things are experiences people work hard to enjoy.

And no wonder, because there aren’t many things more fun to do than experience some relaxing time on a boat, or engage in water sports, fishing and other activities.

But as any boat owner will tell you, when a problem arises, it doesn’t tend to be small. When there is an issue with your boat, chances are it will be big. And big problems can cost you. From a cracked hulling to a leaking fuel tank, here are five boat problems that will absolutely ruin your day.

1) Electrical System Failure

The big headache with an electrical system failure isn’t simply that it may render your boat inoperable, it’s that they can be so difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to repair. Finding the source of an electrical system failure can be a real bear because wiring can run beneath decks, through tight chases and closed compartments, and more. That means finding where the faulty wiring is can be a major chore. Repairing the problem can be difficult, too, because electrical work is not something an amateur should tackle. It not only takes some specialized knowledge, it can be downright dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

2) Cracked Or Broken Hull

Caused over the long term by wear and corrosion, or in the short term by collisions or running aground, minor hull problems are relatively easy and inexpensive to patch up, but major hull breaches can end up costing into the five figure range. Worse still, if they happen due to a collision or running aground, they can result in something no boat owner wants: a sunk boat. Talk about ruining your day!

3) Leaking Fuel Tank

A leaking marine fuel tank does more than cause you to waste some gas. It also puts you in a dangerous situation, because fuel in the bilge can cause fumes, and gas fumes are highly explosive. Yes, and in BOOM. Your boat can literally explode due to fume buildup. For yachts and sportfishing boats, fuel tank replacement can cost upwards of $50,000. Thankfully, some services do marine fuel tank repair for as little as $10-$15,000, so as long as this problem is caught early you can save yourself some cash – and maybe your lives.

4) Bilge Pump Failure

The bilge pumps are what helps keep certain types of boats from filling with water below the decks. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what happens when a boat’s bilge begins to fill with water.